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Horseback Riding at Skyline Park - NapaPets
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Horse Veterinarian - NapaPets
Vet with Jack Russell - NapaPets
Doggy Day Care - NapaPets
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Alston Park - NapaPets
Alston Park
Skyline Park
Annual Adoption of Wild Mustangs
Large Animal Vet
Doggie Day Care
Alston Park
Do It Yourself Dog Wash
Adopt a bunny at the SPCA
Napa Wildlife Rescue Center
Off leash at Alston Park
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As a devoted pet owner and an active user of online searches to find what I need, I want and need a place where I can find what I need for my menagerie – a vet, a great pet sitter, or a place to post my lost pet – all in one place.  So, I created this website many years ago as an online directory of pet services – for me and you! The list has grown and declined, and is growing again. And it turns out, it is not only useful for us locals, but also for our many visitors that arrive with their beloved pets.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and if not, please drop me a line and let me know what I need to add!